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LKW-Wareneingang - RFID-Gate


Our RFID gate solution for various applications such as an RFID portal for goods registration or an RFID reading point on a chain conveyor for process control.

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Smart shelf

Our smart shelf offers real-time inventory monitoring, automated replenishment control to avoid out-of-stocks and statistical data acquisition with an analysis function.

QIS.TE-PZ_Frontplatte - Personenzähler

People counter

In addition to our industrial solutions, in the course of the corona pandemic, we’ve developed a people counter for admission control and visitor flow determination.

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RFID transponder

Besides our solutions we also offer a selection of RFID tags for your application.

If you cannot find the right transponder in our shop, please contact us. We are happy to support you in your selection.

The QIS.TE System

The QIS.TE system is a basic technology for integrating identification solutions (e.g. RFID) in company networks. The system works independently of the identification system hardware manufacturer and supports different types of sensors. The QIS.TE system has a modular structure and can be assembled according to the building block principle. The desired applications can be implemented by combining hardware modules and software applications. The basis is the main module (QIS.TE HM), which can be supplemented by various extension modules.

As the main component of comprehensive process and technology consulting, our products enable customers to easily monitor their material flows using modern identification and sensor systems and to integrate them into existing ERP systems.

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Software applications

Here you find an overview of the software components of our QIS.TE system, especially for the QIS.TE configurator which is a central component of every application and is used for setting up, changing and visualizing.

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Hardware modules

Here you find an overview as well as further information about the hardware components of our QIS.TE system and the various possible combinations.