Qbing Industrial Solutions GmbH sells RFID transponders for many applications and is happy to advise you on the selection of the suitable transponder for your process!

We rely on the experience of many years of research and project work. Whether label or on-metal transponder, we will find the matching transponder for your application!

Range of RFID transponders

We offer passive UHF RFID tags for applications in many different fields, such as:

  • logistics and production
  • maintenance
  • stock
  • tool management

Do you need support in selecting an RFID transponder?

Together we will find the right transponder for your application!

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RFID transponder FAQ

How much information can be stored on an RFID transponder/chip?

The memory size of the chip depends on the use case. Common memory sizes of RFID transponders are between 4 bytes and 8 kbytes (8000 bytes).
For illustration: approx. 1-2 kByte are required to store a standard page with 1500 characters.

At what distance is it possible to detect RFID transponders?

The possible reading range also depends on the use case, especially on the environmental influences. With passive UHF transponders, reading ranges of less than 1 meter up to 10 meters are possible. With special transponders, reading ranges of up to 15 metres are even possible.

How can RFID transponders be attached?

RFID transponders have different mounting options. The simplest mounting method is gluing. Many RFID labels are already self-adhesive. In addition, RFID transponders can be screwed, riveted or potted with the help of suitable substances. The use case is also very important here.

How much is a passive UHF RFID?

The price of an RFID transponder depends on several factors. On the one hand, it depends on the use case and the required type of RFID transponder (label, on-metal, high temperature, etc.). On the other hand, it also depends on the requested features of the transponder (storage space, size, etc.). Another factor is the purchase quantity.
The commercial prices ranges from approx. 0.10€ to more than 20€ per transponder.