Distributed antenna multiplexer for rack systems or applications with many reading points

QIS.TE MX is an extension to the QIS.TE main module that can be used to equip a shelf or cabinet with RFID technology, for example.

With the help of the module it is possible to record several shelf locations on several levels and to read out in which compartment something was put into or taken out of storage.


QIS.TE MX consists of two components:

  • several QIS.TE MXA acquisition modules are connected in a row by a single cable. One antenna is connected to each module. The modules sense events through sensors and can control the RFID antenna thereupon.
  • one single QIS.TE MXC control module is connected at the end of the cable, which supplies the system with power and provides the connections to the QIS.TE main module and an RFID reader.


  • implementation of up to ten reading points per connection on the reader
  • possibility to use of different sensors (light barriers, distance sensors, brightness sensors, colour sensors)
  • QIS.TE MXA modules can be supplemented by signalling (e.g. pick by / put to light, lighthouses) or displays
  • power supply and communication of the QIS.TE MXC module via DIN rail bus

Possible applications

  • different types of storage racks (e.g. flow rack, pallet rack, general cargo rack etc.)
  • different types of storage cabinets (e.g. material cabinet, tool cabinet)
  • applications with several reading points (e.g. forklifts or roller conveyors)

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