Our product QIS.TE is a basic technology for the inexpensive and simple integration of identification solutions (e.g. RFID) into company networks. QIS.TE is manufacturer-independent and supports various types of additional sensor technology such as light barriers.

The installation and configuration of QIS.TE is so simple that no detailed technical knowledge is required. Both software and hardware are modular and can be easily and flexibly adapted, exchanged and extended.

The QIS.TE main module is the heart of the QIS.TE system and is responsible for the communication and connection of different system components:

  • to the Auto-ID-System
  • to the company's system, e.g. ERP system or Excel
  • if available, to the QIS.TE extension modules IO and/or MX


  • Embedded Systems in a DIN rail housing suitable for industrial use
  • Plug'n'Play configuration via web configurator
  • manufacturer-independent support of AutoID systems and other sensor technology (light barriers, proximity switches, signal towers, etc.)
  • provision of several interfaces to downstream systems
  • decentralized logic for preprocessing of raw data
  • modular design in software and hardware according to the building block principle
  • Provision of standardized applications via Appsystem (Gate-App, Regal-App)

Expansion modules

The QIS.TE main module can be supplemented by further modules depending on the application

  • QIS.TE IO – module with digital inputs and outputs for implementing gate applications
  • QIS.TE MX – distributed antenna multiplexer for rack systems or applications with many reading points

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