The Q-Team

Our team is interdisciplinary and consists of engineers and business economists. The different economic and technical competences help us to look at problems comprehensively and find the best solution for our customers. This know-how also flows into development and is reflected in our products. Get to know the people behind Qbing Industrial Solutions.

Christian Schwindling

CEO & Co - founder
Christian Schwindling is our CEO and one of the company's founders. As part of his industrial engineering studies, he joined the research group Qbing in 2012, where he wrote his bachelor thesis. In addition, he was responsible for project and process management until QIS was founded in 2017. In his private life, he finds a balance in woodworking and DIY as well as in hiking in nature.

Christian Schmidt

CTO & Co - founder
Our CTO Christian Schmidt has been a "team member from the very beginning"; he helped to build the former research group Qbing in 2010 and co-founded the company in 2017. In the meantime, he wrote a master thesis in the field of high frequency technology and worked on various research projects. Christian enjoys hiking and cooking in his free tim

Alexander Westhäusler

development engineer & Co - founder
Our development engineer Alex was part of the research group since 2013 and co-founded the company in 2017. With his enthusiasm for electrical and communication technology, he turned his private interests into a profession. What Alex appreciates about his work at QIS is developing products combining different technologies as well as the opportunity of implementing his own ideas. In his free time, he is riding his bike a lot (also to work) and likes to go for walks in the forest.

Fabrice Simo

student trainee development
Fabrice Simo student trainee development Our student trainee Fabrice, who is supporting our software development since 2017, was born in Cameroon where he studied biomedicine. Currently he is continuing his studies in Germany with focus on IT. Fabrice came to QIS because he was interested in the topic of "process automation with the help of RFID systems". He especially appreciates the flexibility and the friendly atmosphere about working for QIS.

Indra Hilcher

office manager
Our office manager Indra is responsible for all smaller and larger organizational tasks. After 16 years in a large company she joined the QIS team at the beginning of 2018 and is supporting us since with a lot of commitment and her sense of order and structure. In her private life, she enjoys being out in nature and taking trips with her family and her two daughters.

Layth Hadeed

development engineer
Our development engineer Layth comes from Iraq and has been with QIS since the beginning of 2020. He moved from East Germany to the beautiful Saarland only a short time before. Layth particularly appreciates the creative and motivating work in our team. The father of two sons prefers to spend his free time with his family and enjoys playing chess and table tennis.

Rawan Barakat

student trainee development
Our student trainee Rawan, who already did an internship at QIS in 2019, is back with us since October 2020. She was born in Syria and is studying electrical engineering and information technology in Karlsruhe since 2015. She particularly likes not only the friendly atmosphere but also her interesting field of work in the QIS team. Besides her subject of electrical engineering she is especially interested in languages.

David Reinerts

development engineer
David joined the QIS team in the summer of 2021. He not only likes the friendly working atmosphere, but also the fact that he can turn his hobby “programming” into a profession and work with QT, C ++ and Linux as well as embedded systems. In his private life, he is interested in handicrafts, cooking and activities with his wife and daughter.

Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Steffen Hütter

Professor for production, logistics and procurement - htw saar
studied economics at Saarland University, where he also completed his doctorate in 2006 on the subject of "Reducing procurement costs". Until 2007, he was also a project manager at Robert Bosch GmbH. He taught production management at the Albstadt- Sigmaringen University of Applied Sciences/Baden-Württemberg until 2010, before taking over the professorship for business administration, in particular production, logistics and procurement at the Faculty of Economics at htw saar in April 2010. At the same time, he founded the research group Qbing. Since 2014, Professor Hütter is Dean of Faculty of Economics at htw saar and founded Qbing Industrial Solutions GmbH together with three engineers in 2017.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Buchholz

Professor for Electrical Engineering - htw saar
studied electrical engineering with a specialization in communications and high-frequency engineering at Saarland University, where he also received his doctorate in 1995 in the field of novel receiver architectures for mobile communications. From 1995 to 2004 he worked at Motorola Semiconductors in Munich and Toulouse as a system engineer in the development and realization of analog and digital receiver ASICs. Since 2004, he is teaching high-frequency and transmission engineering at the htw saar. His research interests include software defined radio transceiver architectures, RFID technology, contactless inductive data and power transmission, antenna and RF design, and real-time digital algorithm implementation. He is the director of the RI-ComET research group.