Current occasion

Dear QIS friends, Currently, the question of how the situation regarding corona will develop is being discussed again in many places, as can be read in the following article (only…

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What is your situation with lunch? Most of the time we eat something we brought with us. In this sense: enjoy your meal :-)!

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New first aiders!

Dear QIS friends, When we moved to our new location at the beginning of the year, it quickly became clear that we needed one or better two new first aiders!…

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QIS.TE PZ in “SaarbrĂĽcker Zeitung”

Dear QIS friends, have you already seen the article about us and our people counter in the SaarbrĂĽcker Zeitung?

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QIS.TE PZ Teaser

Dear QIS friends,as already announced on Wednesday, here is a small video about our new people counter (QIS.TE PZ). "In view of the current situation regarding the corona virus and…

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1, 2, 3

Dear QIS friends, after you have got to know our workstations in the home office in the last few days, we are slowly and partially returning to our offices… You…

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QIS@Home Office, Part 7

So, dear QIS friends,today we complete the series and you had the opportunity to admire all our workstations in the home office :-) . Fabrice will be the final one:"Even…

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