Current occasion

Dear QIS friends,

Currently, the question of how the situation regarding corona will develop is being discussed again in many places, as can be read in the following article (only in german):…/wirtschaft-ha…/26210648.html…

What will happen in the fall, when the number of cases increases again? In order to be prepared for the current or upcoming regulations, we can once again recommend our QIS.TE PZ Personcounter, which reliably counts people entering and leaving rooms or buildings and thus helps to comply with corona protection measures!

Have a look here on our homepage onto the corresponding info page:

If you have further questions, please contact us!

Your QIS Team



Dear QIS friends,
what is your situation with lunch? Do you go out for lunch? Do you have a canteen? Do you cook for yourself or do you bring something from home?
Most of the time we eat something we brought with us; but since we moved, we have our own kitchen, which is oftenly used for cooking…
In this sense: enjoy your meal 🙂 !
Your QIS team


New first aiders!

Dear QIS friends,

When we moved to our new location at the beginning of the year, it quickly became clear that we needed one or better two new first aiders!

Due to the corona, the implementation took a little longer because there were no courses available for a long time, but in august the time had finally come:
Christian and Indra successfully attended an all-day first-aid course at the Malteser Hilfsdienst!

Who is a first aider in your company?

Your QIS team


Minimum distance? YES – with QIS.TE PZ!

Dear QIS friends,

Have you heard? The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs published a new version of the SARS-CoV-2 occupational health and safety rule on Aug-10, which makes it clear how important it is to maintain the minimum distance!

You can read the publication here (unfortunatelly no english version available):

In this context, we would like to introduce our product QIS.TE PZ again, which makes it much easier for companies to keep the distances between employees, visitors and customers by automatically counting people entering and leaving the company.

You want more information? Take a look here:


Digitization via plug’n’play

With our product QIS.TE, digitization in your company is no longer a difficult task. Contact us!

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