Problem definition

This project involved the readout of a truck with metal part carriers.

The client wanted to make it possible to record the number of parts as well as the number of the part load carriers when entering the hall.


In order to achieve the desired registration, the following measures were proposed:

  • The entrances to the hall will be equipped with RFID technology
  • The load carriers are equipped with RFID technology


The developed concept was implemented together with the client. The entrances were equipped with RFID readers and the load carriers with RFID transponders. The registration of the number of parts as well as the number of load carriers could be realized.

The project was implemented with the help of our product QIS.TE and the add-on for digital inputs and outputs QIS.TE IO.

QIS.TE facilitates the integration of RFID hardware, significantly reduces the associated costs and enables the customer to rebuild the process at a later time without external help.


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