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  • Steuerung eines Beschichtungsroboters zur Erhöhung der Prozesstransparenz
    Control of a coating robot to increase process transparency

Use Cases

QIS products can be used flexibly and offer solutons for the following areas:

  • intralogistics
  • tool and container management
  • incoming goods and sales departments
  • warehouse
  • identification and traceability of components and goods
  • access controls

About Qbing Industrial Solutions

Qbing Industrial Solutions develops innovative solutions for integrating identication systems into existing or new logistics and production processes. We focus on use of RFID-technology. This helps companies to achieve a new level of flexibility and increase the productivity of their processes.

Therefore, products and services offered by QIS are specially adapted to requirements in the industrial environment of all industries and provide the base for industry 4.0. We support your project from process analysis to realization to guarantee a sustainable optimization.



As company, we operate international and focus on every kind of production logistics. Originating from a research group at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences, QIS continues to benefit from these scientific roots. That is why we invest in research and development above average in favor of scientifically founded and practice-oriented project solutions.



QIS is interdisciplinary. Our team includes know-how from the disciplines of business administration, electrical engineering, logistics and industrial engineering. This interdisciplinary helps to develop solutions which are innovative, economically and higly relevant to your value chain.



As a former research group, transfering knowledge between the university, research institutions and companies is very important to us. We pay attention to a constant transfer between theory and practice. This can especially be seen by exchange of ideas in context of a smart factory tour or events and leads to the conception and realization of individuall workshops.

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