2010 - Foundation of the research group Qbing

The research group Qbing was founded in 2010 under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Steffen Hütter at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences. Consisting of an interdisciplinary team from the fields of engineering and economics, the company started its application-oriented research activities in an industrial environment. The three most important areas are industrial production, the associated logistical processes and the technology used in the industrial environment.

2011 - Qbing becomes a consortium partner of the BMWi in the RAN project

In 2011, Qbing became a consortium partner of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy in the RAN project, which focused on the development of an RFID standard for the automotive industry. The research group was responsible for the prototypical testing of RFID, the establishment of an RFID competence center and the development of a guideline for the implementation of RFID in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Within this project, among other things, the establishment of a demo laboratory enabled a great deal of knowledge to be gained with regard to Auto-ID technology and its use in the industrial environment and the operating conditions prevailing there.

2012 - Qbing cooperates with ORBIS AG

Since 2012 Qbing has been working together with ORBIS AG in a research- and development cooperation. The focus here is on current topics in production and logistics, above all industry 4.0. In the course of this project, the Qbing demo laboratory was further expanded, which included a connection to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. In particular, Qbing was responsible for the conception and design of the Systems for identification and sensoring. The Qbing Smart Factory was created in the course of 2013. After several years of joint work, the need for innovative solutions in the field of identification systems became obvious.

The spin-off Qbing Industrial Solutions wants to meet this demand with an innovative product solution. Through several years of research work and the know-how built up with it, QIS sees itself up to this task.

2014 - Development of the industry 4.0 software suite "OMPS" in cooperation with ORBIS AG

Following the construction of the Smart Factory, the subsequent cooperation focused on integration into existing ERP systems. The Orbis Multi-Process Suite (OMPS) was developed to integrate processes from production, intralogistics and service seamlessly and in "real time" into SAP processes. With OMPS, all processes can be networked, dialogized and visualized in SAP. OMPS forms the core for fully automated bidirectional processes in "real time" and thus represents the basis for the fast and simple implementation of industry 4.0 projects.

2016 - Qbing receives support by the EXIST founding scholarship

In the course of 2016, in addition to the actual hardware and software development, an important component of the team's activities was the procurement of funding to continue the project full-time. Thus, after an extensive elaboration of a concept paper and a preliminary business plan, the founding team was able to win the EXIST founding scholarship of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi).


2017 - Spin-off of QIS GmbH

2017 was a very eventful year!

At first Qbing successfully applied for support from the BANS (Business Angels Network Saar). The Business Angels are experienced entrepreneurs, who supported Qbing as mentors in the start-up and growth phase, both by providing support regarding corporate strategy and business plan, as well as with financial means from the Business Angels founder's fond.

Then Qbing took part in the 17th international business plan competition 1,2,3 Go in Luxembourg and was happy about the third place!

In addition, Qbing received further support through the participation of BITO Gründercampus (founder's Campus). The BITO Campus is a start-up centre for technology-oriented start-ups with a connection to BITO-Lagertechnik Bittmann GmbH. By their participation Qbing receives not only financial support, but also valuable know-how around the topics warehouse and logistics.

And last but not least, Qbing Industrial Solutions GmbH was founded on September, 21th!