Qbing Industrial Solutions Track Easy

The use of automatic identification procedures (Auto-ID) such as barcodes and RFID (radio-frequency identification) plays a central role in the implementation of Industry 4.0. Our product "QIS.TE" (Qbing Industrial Solutions - Track Easy) is the main component of comprehensive process- and technology consulting. It enables customers to monitor their material flows in an easily way using modern identification- and sensor systems and to integrate them into existing ERP systems. Energy, working time and, above all, costs are saved. The main advantages for the customer are energy efficiency, the relief of the company network and the reduction of investment costs.

Our product QIS.TE offers a basic Technology, specially adapted to requirements in the industrial Environment, for the simple and cost-effective integration of sensors (such as light barriers) and manufacturer-independent identification Solutions, in the form of a decentralised, functional unit, into existing company networks. The product itself is an industrial computer in the form of an embedded system, consisting of hardware developed in-house and the associated firmware. Neither external specialists nor detailed technical knowledge are required for the installation, because it is so simple that it can be carried out by the customer himself. The hardware convinces through a modular "Plug & Play" concept and can be adapted, exchanged and extended very easily, intuitively and flexibly. The output format remains the same, regardless of the hardware used, eliminating the need for a classic software system.

Overview QIS.TE

  • industrial computer consisting of an embedded system with dynamic configuration
  • manufacturer-independent support of RFID readers
  • simple connection of RFID with other sensors (light barriers, proximity switches, signal towers, etc.)
  • provision of several interfaces to downstream systems
  • decentralized logic for preprocessing raw data
  • modular design in software and hardware
  • DIN rail housing suitable for industrial use
  • provision of a standardized gate application with various trigger options



Advantages and customer benefits byQIS.TE

  • Reduction of investment costs
    • "Plug & Play" concept - integration of identification solutions into company networks
    • no external specialists or detailed technical knowledge required
  • Increased flexibility
    • easy exchange and expansion of hardware (manufacturer-independent)
    • can be installed and configured by the customer
  • Reduction of follow-up costs
    • energy-efficient solution
    • relief of company networks and systems

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