Industrial Solutions

QIS develops innovative solutions for the integration of identification systems into existing or new logistics- and production processes. This enables companies to achieve a new level of flexibility and to increase the productivity of their processes. QIS' products and services are specially adapted to the requirements in the industrial environment of all industries and provide the basis for the implementation of Industry 4.0. As one of the innovative identification technologies, RFID technology is the focus of Qbing Industrial Solutions' activities. From the process analysis to the realization of your RFID project, QIS accompanies you until the optimization is sustainably anchored in your company.

QIS Team
QIS Team



As a company, we operate nationwide and focus on all facets of production logistics. QIS has emerged from a research group at the Saarland University of Applied Sciences and continues to benefit from these scientific roots. But also as a Company, QIS invests above average in research and development in favour of scientifically founded and practice-oriented project solutions.



Qbing Industrial Solutions is interdisciplinary and team-oriented. Our team includes know-how from the disciplines of mechanical engineering, business administration, logistics, electrical engineering and industrial engineering. This interdisciplinarity is reflected in solutions that are technologically innovative, economically profitable and highly relevant for your value creation process.



As a former research group, the transfer of knowledge between universities, research institutions and companies is very important to us. Within the scope of our work, we pay attention to a constant transfer between theory and practice. Specifically, this can be seen in a variety of publications, a lively exchange of ideas as part of laboratory tours and leads to the conception and accomplishment of individual company workshops.