QIS@Home Office, Part 6

Dear QIS friends,

I (Indra 🙂 ) am still quite often in the office, but when I do work from home, it is at this beautiful, sunny workplace in the stairwell 🙂 .

How about you; do you work from home at the moment?


QIS@Home Office, Part 5

Dear QIS friends,

even after the long easter weekend we continue our work at home… Today you get an insight into Varun’s home office:

Maybe he will soon feel like a houseplant in this beautiful place, if he drinks water and enjoys the sun 🙂 ? Or the plant takes over the keyboard and starts programming? We will see 🙂 .


QIS@Home Office, Part 4

Dear QIS friends,

also at home with our software developer Layth Hadeed the office is compact and comfortable 🙂 .

Who wants to show us his place in the home office?

See you soon,
Your QIS team


QIS@Home Office, Part 3

Dear QIS friends,

we are pleased that our series “QIS@Home Office” is so well received by you; today we’ll show you Alexander Westhäusler’s workplace!

“Even in times of SARS-CoV-2 the lights are green in software development.”


QIS@Home Office, Part 2

Dear QIS friends,

how did you like the insight into Christian Schmidt’s home office last week?

To start the new week we continue with our little series and show you where our managing director Christian Schwindling currently spends his working days – as you know him, well organized and tidy!

What do your desks at home actually look like? Let’s see them!

Your QIS Team