QIS.TE PZ in “SaarbrĂĽcker Zeitung”


QIS.TE PZ at htw saar

Hello dear QIS friends,

last week our QIS.TE people counter was used to ensure a COVID19 compliant examination at htw saar.

Here is a short statement of Prof. Dr. Steffen HĂĽtter about QIS.TE PZ and the advantages of the economics campus of htw saar:


QIS.TE PZ Teaser

Dear QIS friends,
as already announced on Wednesday, here is a small video about our new people counter (QIS.TE PZ).

“In view of the current situation regarding the corona virus and the associated admission restrictions, we hope that the people counter will help to contain it. Our solution is certainly interesting for the retail trade in particular, but also for universities or industrial companies”.

Christian Schmidt, Christian Schwindling, Alexander Westhäusler – founder of Qbing Industrial Solutions GmbH


1, 2, 3

Dear QIS friends,

after you have got to know our workstations in the home office in the last few days, we are slowly and partially returning to our offices…

You probably already thought that we can count to 3 at QIS :-).
But: from now on we also can do this automatically!
Does anyone have any idea what this is all about?

More information will be available on Friday – you can be curious!

See you then,
Your QIS team


QIS@Home Office, Part 7

So, dear QIS friends,
today we complete the series and you had the opportunity to admire all our workstations in the home office 🙂 .

Fabrice will be the final one:
“Even with a single PC workstation at home, QIS continues – as far as possible – carefree.”