The three most important sections of our work include industrial production, logistical processes within a company, and the use of technology in these sectors.

Our basis is always a process documentation prepared according to scientific methodology, which serves as an approach for process optimization. QIS supports the realization of these optimization proposals beyond the actual concept creation at the customer's site until the desired improvement has been achieved.

In some cases, a digitized process does not always achieve optimal performance. Especially in connection with RFID, influences often have a different effect in the real process than under test conditions. This can lead to the fact that the read results achieved in the productive state differ from the results previously achieved under test conditions.

Through our years of experience with RFID processes, we are able to detect possible errors and to optimize the performance of your process.

Technology and process consulting

  • Conception of AutoID processes under consideration of economic efficiency
  • Feasibility studies with focus on RFID technology
  • Prototypical test scenarios both under laboratory conditions and in an industrial environment on site
  • Selection of suitable hardware to build an RFID infrastructure (RFID reader, antennas, RFID transponders, sensors, etc.)
  • Conceptual design and construction of prototypes and demonstrators in the RFID environment

RFID Support

  • analysis of the problematic process
  • performance of reference measurements
  • data analysis to determine possible disturbing influences
  • preparation of a recommendation for action for the customer
  • technical assistance for the implementation

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RFID-Versuche im autoklaviert erhitzten Stein
RFID-Versuche im autoklaviert erhitzten Stein
Praktische Anwendung von RFID
Praktische Anwendung von RFID